About BoGo

Tale about the taste of Adriatic


Our mission is to offer the superb Dalmatian cuisine: farm-to-table, sea-to-plate, a must-try real food, all those traditional eats that will entice your senses and make you feel better

Our Story

Konoba BoGo is a family-run tavern that was created around a single idea: to present the original and traditional Dalmatian cuisine, with all its wonderful Mediterranean flavors, scents, and colors.  Coming from generations of fishermen, and farmers, we didn’t have to look far for inspiration but simply drew on our tried and tested family cookbooks to bring out the ancestral food flavors, with a bit of a modern twist.

Time-honored cooking conventions always revolve around following nature’s rhythm. Rather than being a new idea, seasonal food is a return to the classic and common sense. 

In creating our rotating and sustainable menus, we consistently rely on our suppliers: family farms in Konavle Valley, oyster farms in Malostonski Bay, olive orchards scattered around Dubrovnik archipelago, world-renown vineyards from Pelješac Peninsula, as well as daily fresh catch from local family-owned fishing boats.

The way we see it, it’s a win-win for everyone. The local farming and fishing communities are sustained, we get the top quality staple foods for our menus, while our guests get to enjoy the meals we are proud of making.

In short, this is a story behind every dish in Konoba BoGo: fresh, local, traditional, seasonal, sustainable, and simply delicious!

What our guests say

We had an intimate dinner with friends, it was a refreshing night far from the city lights. 

Veki K. on tripadvisor

Excellent place for a spot of breakfast or lunch with breathtaking views.

Cristopher Roberts on Google

The tuna steak is fresh and cooked fully with perfect seasoning. The bogo mule was refreshing, the roasted chicken is one step away from being chicken Cordon Blue. The view from the doc is amazing is amazing with olive trees. 

Bryan Butlet on Google

So, we had our wedding dinner and party after. All I have to say it was simply perfect.

Toni V. on Tripadvisor